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We are your superfans


Group Seflie

We are creators and superfans.

Creators are entrepreneurs. We were multiple hats, work long hours, and hustle to make our dream a reality. 

So, what do all good entrepreneurs need? Data. But we realized that there was no good way to get the data needed in order to figure out who our biggest fans were... 🤔


So, we decided to build it!

Now we are also superfans and understand the power of magical moments, aka personalized interactions. There is nothing more exciting than receiving a notification from one of your favorite creators, with a personalized message or reaction to show that they see and appreciate you. 😍


Wouldn't you agree???

Unfortunately, this has happened to us only once. But we totally flipped out of excitement and are now a freaking fan for life! Fans would probably stick around longer if personalized interactions were more scalable. 

So with that, we are making it possible and more streamlined for creators to offer more of these magical moments. ✨

Our mission: To bring creators closer to their fans.


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