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  • What does superfans offer? is the first software that allows you to discover, engage, and track your superfans (your biggest supporters!). With, you can run reports on YouTube & Twitter to find some of your most active audience members and respond to them within the interface - SUCH a time saver. 💡 Did you know: Data shows that the more you personally interact with your superfans, the longer they will stick around and refer MORE superfans just like them. We also have some pretty-super features launching soon: 🏁 Superfan leaderboard 👀 Instagram Integration 📊 Superfan Analytics & History
  • What are Superfans?
    Oh 😱 only the most important subset of your followers/subscribers! These fans are the ones that have an emotional connection with you. They watch all of your content, comment frequently, share your creations with the world, and want to see you succeed. These are your fans that will be the first to support your offerings, services and merch, because they really love what you do. Yes, whether you realize it or not, YOU have Superfans! And it's time to serve them, like right now. 🙃 Finally you can create magic moments for your fans that matter most with
  • Why should I focus on supporting my Superfans?
    Great question! 😃 (we were waiting for you to ask) There are 3 main reasons you should go above and beyond, and create magical moments for your superfans. #SuperRetention: Hate losing followers? Yup, us too. I mean it's bound to happen, but since these fans are your most LOYAL followers, showing you care about them through custom interactions and personalized value will keep them around longer. #SuperRevenue: Sales are all about directing your offer to the right people. With, you get deep insight into who your superfans are and have the ability to create more personalized value through your offerings and services. #SuperReferrals: Wanna know the best way to grow? Organically! Building the best experience possible for your Superfans will give them no other choice but to share how frikken awesome you are with their friends and family. Seriously, they will start sharing all of the magical moments you've created for them with others and bring in other like-minded fans.
  • How much does it cost?
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