Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

What is an experience?

An experience is a sequence of components that deliver to your superfan at a specfiic time. Component = Content, meeting, community, Livestream, PDF, Video, etc. Through our visual builder, you're able to connect your components in the best way to suit your needs and vision!

What are your templates?

Our templates are pre-designed sequences to give you an idea of just how magical creating with Super can be. These are some of the most common use-cases we have seen from creators. Here are a few templates: 1. Bootcamps 2. Memberships 3. Course + Weekly Roundtable Meeting 4. Livestream + Merch-Drop 5. 4 Weeks Program and more!

How much is it?

Signing up for Super is free. We only make money when you do! Super takes a 15% cut of each transaction, however; as you grow and make more sales, this number will decrease!

Which creators can sign up?

ALL creators. That's the beauty of Super - it's for everyone. :)