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Cultivate a loyal audience

Make data-driven decisions with Fanalytics for YouTube. Smart tools and AI Insights and help you grow your superfans and reach your goals faster.

"This is game-changing"

Pat Flynn

patt flynn

Loyal fans are your best customers, learn who they are with the Superfan Funnel.

Turn viewers into superfans by understanding how loyal your audience is and what your fans most love about you and your content.

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Attract more fans by knowing what content is driving the growth of your channel.

Learn what videos are driving the most superfans and take a data-driven approach to your content strategy.

Data-Driven Growth

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Take the work out of making data-driven decisions with smart tips and AI insights 

Work smarter with Smart Tips & Insights designed to help you reach your goals as a Creator while working more efficiently. 

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Eliminate the hassle of fan management by having all of your biggest fans in one easy-to-use location

Get closer with your fans

Respond directly to your biggest supporters.

Save time

Filter by comment topics, fan category, and more.

Your first fan CRM Tool

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Detect spam comments from your YouTube videos and remove these accounts from your videos, for good.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I know my superfans? Unless you have an algorithm to calculated this like we do, chances are you are going to be surprised by the results. 😮

How much does it cost? Lucky for you, it's free to start searching for a YouTube channel's data.

Grow your Superfans.

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