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How Creators 10x their fan engagement and retention is the most powerful way to turn fans into lifelong supporters, with analytics and smart tools to help you work smarter and save time.

patt flynn

"This is game-changing"

Pat Flynn

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Take control of your engagement

Insights help you stay ahead so you can create predictable engagement 

Create fans for life

Use the leaderboard to gain insights on who your biggest fans are so you can reward them and build stronger retention.

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Optimize your time to increase ROI on your efforts

Take the right action at the right time to help your fans raise the Pyramid of Fandom


Detect spam comments from your YouTube videos and remove these accounts from your videos, for good.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I know my superfans? Unless you have an algorithm to calculated this like we do, chances are you are going to be surprised by the results. 😮

How much does it cost? Lucky for you, for a limited time all beta users get to use our premium features for no cost. 💯

Grow your Superfans.

"I feel closer to my superfans, they are like my family." - Megan Martins

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